Glidway Digital Output Form

After you have entered all information - please call us to pick up your disk or mail it using the address at the bottom of the home page.
Please make sure all information is correct before submitting form. We recommend that you send this form to your local laser or inkjet printer before pressing the "submit" button in case there is a transmission error.
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Street address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code
Work Phone Ext.
Home Phone optional
Project name


Media supplied: Zip      Jaz     SyQuest
Diskette       CD-R      Tape    Other
(All media is returned to client after print job is completed. Please label the disk with name, tel. # and project name.)
Archived file name:
(zip, stuffit, etc.)

  (do not list the collected graphics)
Actual file name for output:
(ex: myfile.qxd)

  (do not list the collected graphics)
Proof supplied: Yes     No 
Created on a:
(choose one)
Mac     PC    Other
(choose one)
Quark      Pagemaker     Framemaker
PowerPoint       Word     Illustrator
Corel    Other:
Fonts Supplied:
(Fonts files include a metric
and screen file)
Yes: specify kind
(Note: TrueType fonts may not image properly on hi-end image-setters. It is recommended to use Type 1, LinoType or Bitstream fonts)
Use yours (there may be font file substitutions)
Actual Page Size:
(Do not include crops, bleeds or page orientation in determining size)

If Other, specify size:
(There is no need to specify page orientation)
Crops: Yes     No (or they are drawn in file)
Colors or Plates:
(Choose all that apply)
1 color per page
2 colors per page
3 colors per page
4 colors per page
Spot color     4/C Process
Same for all pages     Different for each page
(If different for each page, please indicate on proof)
Print Page Numbers:
(ex. page 1-1  or  pages 1-4, 6-10   or pages 1, 2, 4 & 7)
How many copies (duplicates) 1 set (default)     2 sets    4 sets
My total pages of output should be:
(multiply the number of PAGES x COLORS x COPIES)
(If you are not sure - leave blank. We do this to double check what you indicated you wanted for output with what your expecting to receive)
Type of Medium to Output:
(What kind of material - choose all that apply)
Film      RC Paper 
Negative      Positive
Right Reading/Emulsion Down (RR/UD)
Line Screen: 120      133 (default)    150    175
Resolution: 1200      2400 (default)      Other:
Turnaround Time: Normal (24 hrs.) (default)     RUSH:
(Additional charges apply to RUSH orders)

Additional important instructions or comments:

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